Mt Lehman Cheese: Frisky Ash [Camemberti] - 180G

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Ash ripened with a fine layer of 'ash' under the bloomy-rind, camemberti style goat cheese by Mt Lehman Cheese Company. A cooked-curd bloomy-rind cheese that is a minimum 21 days to ripened.

Our Frisky is named after our first “Momma Goat” back in the ’80’s, who shared the same name.

M.F 29%
Moisture 43%

Pasteurized Whole Goat Milk
'Ash' [Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Black Pepper]
Microbial Enzymes
Bacterial Cultures
Penicillium Candidum

All of our cheeses are made without the use of chemicals and with vegetable rennet. 

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