FIRST OF ITS KIND MARKETPLACE aspires to create a digital marketplace where farmers can operate as a business, selling their products directly to consumers online. reduces middle transactions as we look after marketing your business, and our platform manages the rest – from orders to shipping, payments and more. Minus the warehouses and meal boxes, we serve food the way it is meant to be. By employing a digital platform, can address specific challenges, such as boosting our local food supply chain.


We implement direct acquisition from producers to consumers by promoting a fast, go-to-market time. This approach reduces costs, travel time, and guarantees more fresh and flavourful products. We want to create direct relationships between farmers, consumers, and restaurants without having to go through a store, market, or distributor. Our goal is to promote a unique and seamless grocery buying experience while supporting local businesses. Together, our efforts can help local companies and fuel a thriving and healthy local economy.


As a product of Wisebox Solutions, aims to become the leading online grocery delivery platform nationally, to alleviate the food crisis our country is currently faced with, by focusing on consumers’ needs and creating a unique and seamless experience. With the right solution, the eGrocery market is primed for growth, and is ready to take the lead. We offer the best in specialty ingredients, ripe fruits and vegetables, nutritious dairy products, organic variety, and unprocessed meats.