From Dedicated Farmer
to Dedicated Chef

The best restaurants have a desire to provide guests with dishes that tell a particular story. Dishes made with ingredients that diners have never heard of before – a sorbet made with prickly pear, a salad symphony of edible violets, and greens with foreign names like mizuna and radicchio. We want to bring you the finest and freshest ingredients so you can wow your guests.

Tell the story of each ingredient, the journey of your food from the farm to your customers table. It is a personal story, and we want to help you share it with food lovers everywhere!

How It Works

Step 1

Search the marketplace and find the specialty ingredients you need

Step 2

Place your order on your own time for fresh & flavourful food

Step 3

Food is delivered to your restaurant as frequently as you need it

Step 4

Tell the story of locally-grown produce in your one-of-kind dishes

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Since restaurants have limited cooler space, this means a requirement for frequent deliveries and limited volume per delivery. allows you to order as you please, and food is delivered to you quickly and directly.

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Support Local

By buying locally grown food, you are establishing solid relationships with farmers, building a stronger community, and providing fresh and nourishing food to your customers.

Always Fresh

Capture specialty items that you can not get wholesale, find tree-ripened fruits and field-ripened vegetables that are difficult to purchase from regular distributors.


Reliability of supply and delivery matter to the success of your business; success, so pick and purchase your food; then, we deliver it straight to you! Also, establish clout by dealing with reputable farms.


Provide your customers with food they will love and want to come back for. Set the bar for your competitors by emphasize locally-grown produce, and mentioning farm suppliers on your menu.

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Our exceptional partnership ensures the timely supply of fresh ingredients that you can process into unique taste sensations. Texture, colour and balance, every detail thought through, and you can taste it. Join our market today; your guests are waiting to be impressed!

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