26 February 2021

What Are Seven Food Trends to Follow in 2021?

Food trends can sometimes become complicated to follow. With superfoods, synthetic foods, and newly developed products, keeping up to date can be difficult with so many new fads. Do not stress about keeping up; brings you the 7 top food trends to follow in 2021 and try out!


Plant-Based Foods


With new plant-based foods driving innovation within restaurants and homes, it wouldn't feel right not to have it on the top of our list. Finding alternatives to meet dietary needs or ethical decisions can be difficult. Environmental concerns are also a significant deciding factor when shoppers take the route of consuming a plant-based diet, according to IGD. One product we would love to highlight is the plant-based Justgo Smoothie. These smoothies are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and sugar-free and offer a delicious meal replacement with high nutrients. 



Fruit and Veggie Consumption


We are learning new nutritional information daily; however, we see a change in how serious people take their diets to maintain a healthy body. We see a shift in fruit and veggie consumption. With new farming techniques, we also see an increase in the consumption of microgreens. According to Healthline, they often contain higher nutrient levels than more mature vegetable greens. Quality microgreens are great for sandwiches and sides! Maybe it is time to add some organic radical radish to your salad?




Food Texture


Food texture is not a hot topic; however, it is a big deciding factor when it comes to enjoying food. We typically judge foods off of their taste, smell, and nutritional value; however, we never really look at the texture. But what happens if we excite our brains with unique textures that give us an enjoyable experience? What kind of foods provide us with that unique taste? It might be time to try out organic whole almond flour from Avafina Organics. This delicious flour is packed with nutrients while only providing 2 grams of carbs per serving. It lends a smooth and tender texture to baked treats, so it works great as a flour substitute!




Healthy Snack Alternatives


It is easy to grab a bag of chips or cookies as your on-the-go snack. Is it time to switch that to a healthier alternative? According to, oatmeal is the perfect everyday snack that provides many health benefits. We know we can rely on Oat Of The Ordinary to supply us with a delicious quick snack, whether we want a berry-packed treat or just a simple pack of oats. We will never complain about this healthy snack!




Locally-Sourced Desserts


Desserts are often skipped due to the misconception that they are all packed with ingredients from different places; sometimes, they can just be a bar of simple chocolate. Why not go for a locally-sourced option like Rocky Mountain Chocolate by our friends at Barking Iron Roastery. This chocolate bar offers organic ingredients with unsweetened chocolate, so you can keep enjoying this delicious dessert.





Sustainable Practice Leaders


With food distributors lacking in transparency, it isn't easy to trust sustainable practices. However, supporting sustainable practices can help the industry move toward better consumer benefits. Environmental Leader shares six ways why becoming sustainable is beneficial for a business. At, we vouch for all of our vendors and their practices. CraftWilder Kombucha is a perfect example of a well-crafted product transparent with its process of offering naturally fermented and non-carbonated beverages! Enjoy a favourite with the low caffeine, low sweetener Canadian Ginseng Apple Kombucha.






Taste is one of, if not the most critical deciding factors when looking at food trends. So why would we not cover that! It is time to taste new foods! With Canada's cultural diversity, exploring spices is an easy option. Whether we want a sweet or tangy spice, we have endless options to indulge our tastebuds. Who does taste better than High Point Meat Shop? They offer a wide selection of marinated meats to excite your palette. From mint and herb chicken to buffalo chicken lava wings, they know how to spice things up and provide the ultimate taste experience.





So, let's recap the seven food trends to try out this year! The first trend is plant-based foods, which can benefit both health and environmental concerns. Secondly, we see an increase in veggie and fruit consumption; we recommend nutrient-packed microgreens. The third is food texture; as strange as the concept may be, it can be a huge deciding factor when adopting new foods. Might it be time to try out some new textures? Fourth is to try picking healthier snack options such as oatmeal over a bag of chips. Although it may seem tempting, your body will thank you later. The fifth is not skipping a dessert but picking a guilt-free option that you won't regret. Sixth, following and supporting companies with sustainable practices that help better the industry. Lastly, to taste new foods. With Canada's substantial cultural diversity, there are so many delicious and unique foods out there to try!



It is time to try new foods and trends. Let us know what you're trying out first!