Canadian Ginseng & Apple Kombucha 473ml

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This blend has a unique reminiscent flavour of true ginseng with earthy & spicy undertones. Apple is used as a natural sweetener. This product has a wine / champagne appeal because of the fermented apple.

Wildcrafted, non-carbonated, naturally fermented.
Raw / unpasteurized.
Low in sweetener, low in caffeine. Not vinegary.

This flavor is not recommended for people with severe cardiovascular disorders or during pregnancy.

A single bottle is 16oz / 473ml (4 servings per bottle minimum)
Recommended daily serving size: 110ml
Best kept refrigerated under 4 C.

Sour: 3/5
Sweet: 2/5
Bitter: 0/5

Wild Canadian Ginseng (species is referred to as Devils Club)
Wild Apples
Organic Black Tea (minimal quantities)
BC Honey
SCOBY Culture

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