23 July 2020

Tega Tea

Tega Tea originally started as Nu-Tea Company in Abbotsford in 2003. It began as a small, family-run business operated by Liz Bandelin. Liz was deeply connected to her experiences in South Africa, her passion for health and wellness, and a firmly rooted desire to make a difference. She saw the many benefits of rooibos tea. This sparked a journey where she created a premium quality, organic, specialty tea brand (also Certified Kosher, 100% gluten-free/vegetarian and non-GMO) offered to the North American market.


There are many benefits to drinking rooibos tea, including high antioxidant properties that contribute to anti-ageing and disease prevention. This herbal tea is also loaded with minerals, like potassium, manganese, and zinc, which help promote a healthy bone structure, among other things.


Rooibos tea has a naturally sweet taste, which is also earthy and full-bodied, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep (rooibos tea is caffeine-free). It is also good at helping to manage stress and mood due to its calming properties. Tega Tea also offers other tea varieties, such as herbal, green, matcha, black, white, and their unique Spritz and Sip product, a herbal concentrate packaged in a convenient spray pump you can take with you anywhere, so you have tea ready at any time. Just add water, of course!


Recently, Tega Tea launched a new line of organic teas with West Coast flavours like Blueberry Lavender, Cranberry Ginger, Peach Turmeric and Maple Ice-Wine. These teas support the Georgia Strait Alliance campaign “Orcas Can’t Wait”. 


Tega Tea is very much centred around the ethical and moral treatment of tea farmers. By choosing their products that support women tea pickers and carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, you are supporting the sustainable livelihoods of tea farmers in countries marginalized by trade and unfair economic structures.


Their goal is to provide consumers with the most unique, healthy and ethical tea experience. Tega Tea is continually striving to meet their triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit, and they are very passionate about creating teas that taste great and support your health. They also prioritize environmental sustainability and work toward making a difference for the Fair-Trade farming communities that produce their fantastic teas.


For more information, check out their website: and follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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