Gaba Green tea 65g

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Gaba green tea was developed in Japan as a special health tea subjected to a unique manufacturing process. Gaba green tea has an extremely high content of the special amino acid GABA (up to 50 times more than normal green tea and other foods).

The ingredients of Gaba green tea act in a synergistic way creating very strong health benefits especially against high blood pressure, insomnia and stress.

In addition, it is also very helpful in improving concentration, fighting fatigue, building muscle growth, fat loss, lower pain sensitivity, supporting the liver, diabetes, leukemia and many more. The special tea complements and works to boost the numerous other outstanding effects of green tea. Aside from its good qualities it also possesses a very popular nutty and warm taste.

For best results use 2 teaspoons (6g) and steep for 3 mins during the day. Before bedtime steep 30 seconds to reduce caffeine.

Caffeine: No

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