Ethically Raised Heritage Pork - 18lb Sample Pack

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Bradner Hollow Farms




Bradner Hollow Farms: Abbotsford BC Pasture Raised Heritage Pork. Large Black/Mulefoot Cross. Raised outside in our fields as they were created to be, not in a barn or small pen. Happy, healthy pigs fed the best variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, whole grains and nuts. Antibiotic and hormone free. Our meat is more of a red meat than a white meat like commercial pork. More marbled and much healthier and tastier for you. A sample pack consists of an 18lb mix containing of at least 7 types of the following: Roast, Ham, Chops, Steak, Bacon, Ribs, Ground Pork, Hocks, Farmer Sausage and Pepperoni Sausage. Government Inspected, Professionally Butchered, Cut, Wrapped and Frozen.

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