Infused Premium White Balsamic Vinegar [Sicilian Lemon] - 200ml

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Our Sicilian Lemon is exceptionally versatile. It has both bright and sweet notes without any bitter and sour flavours. Our Sicilian Lemon balsamic will surely give a fresh sweet-tart lemon kick to all your favourite salads or marinades.

[1] Sicilian Lemon Infused White Balsamic Vinegar – 200 ml

Acidity: 4%
Cooked Grape Must
White Wine Vinegar
Natural Flavouring

Contains naturally occurring sulfites
Country of Origin: Modena, Italy

Pair with Garlic, Tuscan Herb, Herbs de Provence, Gremolata, Basil, Lemon, Rosemary or Dill Olive Oils or Butternut Squash Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pistachio Oils or use on its own in a salad.

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