20 July 2020

Rai's Colebrook Farming

Rai's Colebrook Farming is a blueberry farm located in Surrey, BC, owned and operated by the Rai family. Their story takes root in Punjab, India, where their ancestral family ran blueberry fields. Here, the family-run business has been active for 20 years.


Like many family-run businesses, Rai's Colebrook Farming started small. Just a farming stand with a few tables, collapsible chairs and young volunteers picking and selling stock. Today, their farm is run with a much more modern approach, applying technologies to help promote better crop yields, such as customized machinery, an irrigation system, and beekeepers to help with plant pollination.


Because of these changes, their blueberry bushes have matured and have produced hearty harvests each year. Every year pickers ensure that the mature berries get picked and provide consistent, high-quality blueberries for their customers to enjoy.


Two varieties are grown at the farm – Duke and Bluecrop. Duke berries are harvested earlier in the season and are crisp, medium to large and deliciously tart. They have a firmer texture and work well to take on trips or in containers for your lunch or snack.


Bluecrop berries are harvested mid-season and are sweeter than their Duke counterpart. They are medium to large in size and bright blue. They are often referred to as 'big blues' and are a great addition to any smoothie drink or dessert recipes like blueberry crisp or blueberry apple pie.


If you have a chance, visit their farm and get your hands on some amazing blueberries! They are now open every day of the week from 9 AM – 7 PM.


For more information, check out their website: and follow them on Facebook



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