19 November 2020

Outpost Dog Food


We are excited to extend our Vendor Story series and introduce a local vendor that does not feed our typical customers, but instead, our best friends. Just because you eat well, doesn't mean your pup can't do the same! We had the chance to talk to Outpost Dog Food, a Langley-based raw dog food supplier. Growing up in New Zealand, owner Doug Leaf grew up farming and had farm dogs that were on a raw meat diet. When moving to Canada he realized his dogs were not as healthy due to their diet and nutrition. From there, Outpost Dog Food was created and developed into the raw food subscription it is known as today.


We took our time to ask Outpost Dog Food some questions to understand more about their business and to help educate our readers that may be interested in Outpost Dog Food.


What do you produce at Outpost Dog Food and what products do you offer?


At Outpost Dog Food we make all-natural raw dog and cat food. We offer a variety of recipes to ensure your pet gets all the nutrients they need without any of the harsh chemicals, preservatives or hormones found in commercial kibble.


What do you or your company stand for?


Our motto is "From Farm to Bowl."  We are strong believers that our pets are members of our family, and they deserve a quality farm-fresh and local, diet. The majority of our ingredients are sourced from farms right here in the Fraser Valley. At Outpost we look for local farmers who are ethically and environmentally conscious.  We believe in supporting local, taking care of each other and our pets!


What's the story behind it all?


Our Founder, Doug Leaf, grew up in a farming community in one of the most rural parts of New Zealand.  On his farm dogs were fed raw meat and lived healthy and happy lives. When he moved to Vancouver to work in the movie industry training dogs and cats, he started to hear all about dogs on a kibble diet getting cancer and other forms of illnesses that just weren't common in his part of the world.  He decided to work with a Canine Nutritionist to develop a raw food diet that he knew would provide superior nutrition for his own dogs. Over the past 20 years of feeding his own animals, his secret got out, and he began making dog and cat food for his friends and neighbours. Today, lucky dogs and cats from Chilliwack to West Vancouver enjoy Outpost Dog Food's four main recipes and their owners get the peace of mind that they are providing their furry family members with the most nutritious food available. 


How do you feel about the Fraser Valley and about supporting local businesses?


Outpost Dog Food is situated in the heart of the Fraser Valley on a farm in South Langley. Living and working under the shadows of Mount Baker to the South and the Golden Ears to the North, we've developed a respect for the environment, and prefer to source our ingredients from our local farmers, rather than big factories. We still close deals on a handshake because we've built strong relationships with our suppliers. In turn, many of our suppliers feed their farm dogs Outpost Dog Food because they can trust that they are feeding their animal's wholesome meals. 


What does the future have in store?


As we look forward, we see that Outpost customers are coming to the realization that mass-produced, highly processed foods may be a cheaper option, but someone always pays the price. Although many people understand this when it comes to their families, most of our new customers are just learning that there is a healthy dog food option.  We hope to make more pet owners aware that by feeding Outpost Raw Dog and Cat Food, they are providing their animals with a wholesome diet while cutting out the chemicals and preservatives found in commercial kibble. 


How has your relationship with your customers evolved over the years?


We believe that our customers are the best people on the planet. They love their pets as members of their family and want to provide them with a long and healthy life. We love to catch up with our community on Instagram and customers often share pictures and stories @outpostdogfood 


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