15 October 2020

Justgo Smoothie

Born in Vancouver at the Vancouver General Hospital, Kris Mehan, owner of Justgo Smoothie has always been immersed in the Vancouver health & wellness lifestyle. As a father to beautiful twin daughters and an avid sports enthusiast, nutrition has continuously been on the radar for the Mehan family. Growing up in the earlier days when prolific fast food chains and harmful additives were more commonplace, Kris has always been focused on providing proper nutrition for his family.

In 2004, Kris contracted bacterial meningitis, stemming from having chronic ear infections as a young boy, combined with one fateful day of water skiing. Wet ears combined with the wind blowing into the ears is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have ear issues. Kris spent two months at Eagle Ridge Hospital in a coma on life support.

Over the next two years, Kris tried to regain the lean muscle mass he had lost during his illness. Supplements and protein powders became a regular twice a day regime, if not sometimes three times a day, as Kris attempted to inject extra protein into his system.

Soon after, smoothies became his passion. He figured out there were many moving parts to making a healthy smoothie, including finding the right ingredients that tasted good. He learned by listening to his body and discovered that most performance-based fruit smoothies were not all that! The human body needs micronutrients, which are derived mainly from vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are also crucial, and so Kris started to research complex carbs or slow-digesting carbohydrates, one aspect that sets Justgo Smoothie apart from all the other fruit smoothies on the market.

Coming to 2015…

Kris was training for a triathlon and had gotten out of the pool onto his bike, and yes - wet ears and wind in the wet ears = ear infection = meningitis for the 2nd time. FYI - meningitis is an extremely rare brain infection, and most do not survive. If you do survive, chances are you lose your limbs from the coma.

So, yet another two-month stint in a coma and on life support, this time at Vancouver General Hospital.

Through the experience, Kris was on a mission to recover once again. With his cooking and sports nutrition background, he once again started meal preparation, a mandatory practice that helps put on muscle mass. Kris would have three protein shakes per day and three full meals. It took 12 months this time to get back to his regular walking weight.

In the process, he took meal preparation to another level. Inspired by his daughters, Kris was convinced to bring his smoothies to market. They were always there as support, and had they not been persistent, he probably wouldn't have ventured into bringing his superfood creations to life. His best friend and mother of his daughters Nadia and sister Kelly also helped make his dreams become a reality.

Justgo Smoothie is a family-owned and operated business based in Vancouver, BC. They produce all-natural whole foods blended and then fresh frozen. Just add a liquid of choice, blend and go!

Their mission is simple - to make 100% plant-based products that help customers look and feel amazing without harming animals or costing the planet. Their convenient application (available in a one serving portion) provides quick and easy nutrition for on-the-go individuals who don't want to sacrifice their nutrition when days get busy.

Justgo smoothies are great with your protein powders & supplements. Their superfood products serve as an impressive nutrient-dense meal replacement, which is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and has no added sugars. Their protein smoothies are a blend of plant-based protein powders combined with the Original JGS Superfood. Every ingredient in their 100% natural smoothies is organic or locally-sourced from sustainable producers and suppliers from areas like the Fraser Valley.

Justgo Smoothie set themselves apart from competitors by incorporating steel-cut oats, amaranth and buckwheat into their products, providing gluten-free complex slow-digesting carbohydrates, high in fibre, loaded with 'complete' plant-based proteins, and healthy fats.

They are passionate about sharing their creations and helping to educate and nourish consumers with high-quality micronutrients and macronutrients. Prolific fast foods, processed meals and harmful additives are still in the limelight in modern dietary culture; it's never been harder and more time-consuming to merge a busy lifestyle with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Whether you're trying to provide essential meals for your family or just trying to take care of yourself, eating healthy and staying productive has become an intricate balance that fewer people are finding the time to manage.

At Justgo Smoothie, they love making healthy and all-natural smoothies so their customers can achieve balanced nutrition, all while having time for work, family, fitness and life goals. Their formula of carefully-selected ingredients, essential vitamins and rich nutrients allows users to feel energized and fulfill their body's nutritional needs without a second thought. It's the element of convenience that makes Justgo Smoothie so vital to our fast-paced world — and Kris and his team are incredibly motivated to deliver on quality, sustainability, and value with every product!

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