11 January 2021

Is It Time You Started to Meal Prep?

Is it time to start organizing yourself a little more? Are you missing out on crucial aspects of your life, such as a proper eating schedule, preplanned meals, and cooking foods without spending hours every day in the kitchen? You might be thinking you spend too much money eating out for lunch every day, and you need to cut down on some expenses and start making meals from home. Regardless of your situation, you may think it is best to meal prep in the future.


You might have some questions if you are new to this. What is meal prepping, and what are the benefits of it? Meal prepping is, as the word describes, preparing your meals ahead of time for the week in batches. The purpose of meal prepping is to save time, costs on cooking materials and decrease any extra expenses you would have buying alternatives to these meals. 


Before you begin to meal prep, you want to look into the essential cooking tools to help you throughout the week. What were some basics to keep you organized?


Glass locked storage containers. Glass sealed storage containers are essential to storing your meals throughout the week. Whether you want to heat your meal later or eat it at room temperature, glass locked storage containers will become your best friend that you take everywhere.


Instant Pot. You will be making a lot of meals in this. You can use Instant Pot to steam, sauté, slow cook, pressure cook, or even cook simple foods like rice and eggs. The Instant Pot is a versatile tool that allows you to cook most foods.


Mason Jars. Whether you want to store fresh foods in an airtight jar throughout the week or batch some morning smoothies up, a Mason Jar is a great go-to product to help you keep your food fresh. 


Now we have the tools out of the way, what are some food essentials you could pick up to ensure you are stocked for the upcoming week without making any last-minute trips to the grocery store? 


Black Pepper - Regardless of it what time of the day you are cooking. Adding black pepper to your meal will always add the right spice to your meal giving you the ultimate taste. It is simple and can be sprinkled on just about anything.


Yogurt – Enjoy a quick snack mid-day either before you have lunch or a late afternoon snack. Keep yourself nourished with tasty yogurt. You could even change it up and try some goat’s yogurt.


Rice – Build an excellent base for any meal with rice. Regardless of if you are adding some veggies or if you add protein to your feed. Any meal will go well with rice. Rice is a food that can be cooked and placed into a glass locked storage container to keep the rice tasting great throughout the week! 


Quinoa – A healthier alternative to rice can be quinoa. With high protein content and nutrients, enjoy quinoa with most products on the side, or have it mixed in with a salad. 


Ground Beef – Ground Beef can become the magical key to creating various meals with one food product. Whether it is creating a simple pasta or making meatballs, you can have endless options when creating meals with ground beef.


Pre-Marinated Chicken Breast – Whether you want to save time on cooking or enjoy the flavours of eating out without the extra dining costs. The option to pick up pre-marinated chicken is available. Enjoy chicken breasts with salads, pasta, sided with rice and veggies, or even sliced for a wrap! The options are endless with chicken breast.


Meal prepping is an easy way to keep yourself organized, eating healthy, and it allows you to have more free time throughout the week! What DirectFood.Store products do you cook in your weekly meal prep? We would love to hear your feedback through our Google Reviews!