10 November 2020

How to Shop for Premium Foods

With the steady increase of social distancing happening due to COVID-19, we as a community are now pushing toward various changes for our day to day life and face challenges. We are currently forced to limit the grocery shopping trips we take, how often we see friends and family, and how we could enjoy special dinners out at restaurants. Now that everyone is limited to staying at home, what are some things that we can do to counteract that? 


Maybe it’s time to pick up some new cooking skills and leave behind the days of relying on restaurants and takeout for the days you wanted to treat yourself. You can treat your body and wallet with higher quality foods without paying the high restaurant prices. You will come to understand that the meals you cook can be of higher quality, organic, and farm-fresh. This will add significant value to your life, and you will have a further understanding of all the foods you put into your body.  


How do you ensure the meals you cook are healthy, fresh, and of excellent quality? You have to search for premium products that will ensure you are getting the quality you pay for.  


So, what exactly are premium products in the grocery world? 


Premium products are items that cost approximately 20% more than the average category price. So, what is an example of a premium product in the world of groceries? Goat milk would be an example of it. Compared to cow’s milk, it has a price increase because of the supply and demand of different animals’ milk in the dairy product category. 


Finding premium products is becoming easier to find now as grocers see that there is still a demand for it; however, with a premium product, there comes a premium price. This raises many questions that still need to be answered: What products do you have? How much does it cost? What makes your product better? Why should we switch to your product? 


There are a few price concerns as well that push consumers away. Due to the nature of COVID-19 and the rise in online shopping amongst a majority, it is obvious why prices for products have increased. With the amount of day to day online interactions that happen, why not make grocery shopping online? Who else better to do it with than  


If you decide to pick up cooking, what are some options you have? Go into a grocery store wearing a mask, navigating around to find vegetables, meats, and spices? Or you could look into alternative options, such as shopping online for your groceries.  


Enjoy premium products and farm-to-table groceries at a great price to ensure you are getting the most value for your dollar with DirectFood.Store has a wide variety of premium products to add to your grocery list that provides excellent quality foods at incredible prices while supporting local farmers. DirectFood.Store  allows you to order online, select from various options through our partnered farms, and create a bulk order where we deliver the foods right to you—looking for local BC honey? Want organic free-range eggs? Looking for specialty rice or flour? You can order it all from Why risk going into stores when you have access to a wide range of products from well recognized local BC farms. We supply 100% Canadian crafted and farmed products on our site to ensure we offer value and quality at great prices.  


What makes DirectFood.Store a premium product? We hold ourselves to a standard to offer product options that are fresh, organic, high quality and priced reasonably. We understand that you, as a shopper, are looking for the right food at the best price. And we offer just that, right to your door. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our Shop.