23 October 2020

Healthier Options for Your Baking Ingredients

Are you tired of avoiding baked goods because of the adverse side effects they have on you? Maybe they don’t align with your diet, or you have an allergy that prevents you from having certain baked goods. Don’t despair! The baking world is continually innovating. There’s a solution for most, if not all, of your baked good problems! Although this may not be a significant pain point in your life, it doesn’t hurt to sweeten it up minus the guilt.


So how can we help you sweeten up your life and get you back to eating baked goods (with moderation, of course)? We have excellent supplements for baking ingredients to get you back to it like flours, spices, and seeds that ensure you can enjoy healthy baking again without giving up the flavours that make them special treats.


What are some baking ingredients that have healthy organic options? Most components can be substituted out like flour, eggs, milk, salt, and even sugar. You don’t need to give up the function that they provide when there are so many alternatives! As one example, instead of commercial store-bought eggs, you can find a local free-range farm that offers quality eggs by the dozen. Once you start exploring, we are sure that you will find there are many ways to bake more healthily.



Let’s start with the main ingredient that we find in many baked goods, the flour. What makes typical white flour so unhealthy? It’s acidic; it can cause digestive issues; it is deficient in nutrients; it may contain ingredients that can adversely affect your body. It’s a primary ingredient in baked goods, so how can you replace it? There are plenty of healthy options, like almond flour. It is known to taste great and keeps baked goods moist and delicious. It is nutritional as well - high in protein (21% by weight), manganese, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, low in carbohydrates, and contains fibre. Now that’s a mouthful!


Did you have a nut allergy or just don’t like almonds? There are other alternatives to almond flour like banana flour, quinoa flour, or chickpea flour. With all of these fantastic alternatives, why go back to traditional white flour with all of those negative side effects? It’s time to take a step in a healthier direction.




Are you looking to add some extra flavour to your baked goods with something organic and keto-friendly? Try adding organic cinnamon to your baked creations; it will remind you of a delicious festive pumpkin pie! Cinnamon provides a good source of fibre and calcium, and it is a versatile ingredient that can be used even for everyday needs like spicing up your morning latte!


Moving over to poultry and dairy products that are typically used in baked goods. Eggs and milk are two essential ingredients that go into most baked goods. It is recommended that you pick up farm-fresh dairy products to ensure you know you are getting the best quality ingredients. Instead of supporting mass-farmed products, you will be supporting your local farmer! Local farms have specialty milk from different animals (like goat and water buffalo) and free-range and organic eggs. Not only can you ensure your products are of better quality, but you can also research specific farms to ensure they are ethically sound. But you don’t have to stress the work; has already done the job for you and carries ethical, organic, and keto-diet friendly products online, so you can focus on what’s more critical for you, like figuring out how to make perfect gluten-free, keto-friendly cinnamon buns! 





Lastly, small additions can be made for adding flavour and uniqueness to your baked goods like seeds. Adding seeds such as sesame, hemp, pumpkin or flax seeds to your baked goods not only adds flavour but is a healthy benefit to yourself and your diet. Seeds are an awesome source of fibre. They also contain healthy fats and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the way your body functions. If you consume seeds regularly they can help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.


Many baked goods should not be given up due to your diet changes and how you interact with certain products. If you can pick out ingredients that you think are not healthy for you, it will help to substitute them for healthier options. Just like white flour for almond flour, many healthy, organic, and diet-friendly ingredients can still be used to give you the satisfaction of eating baked goods. Let us know what you think and if this blog post has been helpful!