31 July 2020

Goat's Pride Dairy

Goat’s Pride Dairy began in 1993, producing locally made organic goat milk delivered across Southern BC to health-conscious consumers. Their story started in 1987 when the family received its first goat as a gift from their grandfather. Since then, all the children have been dedicatedly involved in raising goats, and many are still involved in the farm’s daily operations today. 


Goat’s Pride goats like to romp around the pasture, chase each other on the grassy hills, and nibble on the trees. They always have access to the outdoors; whether they decide to take a little snooze or play around inside, babies are kept safe from predators like eagles.


The goats enjoy various foods in their diet like organic vegetables, organic bread, brewer’s grain, hay, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, natural juice pulp, plus vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth and development. If any goats get sick, they are well taken care of using homeopathic remedies and essential oils.


Goat’s Pride Dairy is continually committed to producing the highest quality products, while ensuring that their animals are treated humanely, receiving the best quality food and care. They are dedicated to maintaining sustainable and non-chemical farming practices.


The company was nominated for a Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award in 2011. In 2014, they started up a cheese company (Mt. Lehman Cheese Company), which uses goat’s milk from another producer so that Goat’s Pride Dairy can keep bottling and making their yogurt.


You can find their products ranging from goat’s milk to yogurt, eggs, soap and cheese at their farm, which is open Monday to Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook


We hope you can order their excellent products on our website and enjoy the unique flavour of goat’s milk dairy!


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