9 March 2021

Food Access Initiative | Pacific Autism Family Network

This past month partnered with the Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) for their Food Access Initiative. The PAFN is a centre of excellence and network that allows families to become educated on everything autism, meet other families with autistic children, and seek government resources.
Living a healthy life and having access to high-quality foods can sometimes be out of reach for families. They either have a busy schedule, it may be out of their budget, or it may not seem necessary. Regardless of the situation, believes that everyone should have access to healthy, organic, and local food. From meats, produce, dairy, and other pantry items, access should never be limited.

This is why started the Food Access Initiative - to help organizations within the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area that help families in need.

We had a chance to sit down and chat with families at the PAFN and learn more about their stories. We had a great experience talking to families and learning more about autism awareness. We captured our trip within a four-minute video. Want to learn more about the Pacific Autism Family Network and the families involved? See the following video for an extensive look into this month's Food Access Initiative.