14 October 2020 launches Food Access Initiative Providing Fresh Food to Local Charities

As a company that aims to empower and inspire communities to eat healthy, support local and learn the story behind their food, we are dedicated to providing a Truly Farm to Table experience with high-quality products, great pricing, easy ordering and free next day delivery. With this in mind, we have launched the Food Access Initiative, which provides local charities with access to fresh, local and healthy food. We understand that times are tough. No person should be left hungry or to eat food with little nutrition.


Our goal is to bridge the gap for those who may not have consistent access to food. We will provide a regular monthly donation and offer charities the opportunity to shop on our website at a discounted rate. By giving those in need access to food, we can empower and inspire healthy eating, even amid challenges like poverty and COVID-19.


Here are a few of our mandates:


Uplift: Being 100% present in the work that we do allows us to give back to our community by providing those in need with an experience that will raise their spirits and promote positivity.

Support: We will do our best to support charities by providing food and products that can be used and are helpful to their community.

Awareness: We will give light to this initiative by raising our involvement to directly know, perceive, and feel how we impact others’ lives.

Exposure: Through social media and other communicative channels, we will promote and share the story of the charities we are supporting.

Consistency: We will reach out regularly to local charities to provide support and incorporate a donation option on our website so that others can donate to the charities.

We are lucky to work with our first charity just in time for Thanksgiving, Cyrus Centre in Abbotsford, BC. Youth across the Fraser Valley and up the Fraser Canyon face the dilemma of needing help every night. Nationally, 1 in 5 homeless persons is a youth; locally, those numbers have been higher. 


Many are fleeing abuse, poverty, exploitation and drugs. Youth on the streets are 40 times more likely to die; however, if we can reach them within the first two years, their chances for survival and success are greatly improved.


Cyrus Centre is equipped to intervene immediately, to provide youth with a way out and a way off the streets. Their various programs offer emergency shelter, meals, clothing, advocacy, school, counselling, referrals, life-skills training, and more. Their vision is to always provide youth with a safe place to go and receive support; to free them of all forms of exploitation, sheltering them and empowering them through love, encouragement and acceptance.


Prepped with sturdy brown paper bags filled with goods like raw, unprocessed honey, beef roasts, free-range eggs and fresh red beets, the team at made their way to Cyrus Centre on a brisk fall afternoon. As we know, one of life’s most significant challenges is having the compassion to understand the state of our neighbour truly. Through Cyrus Centre, we were able to witness what giving and support are indeed about.


We're grateful to be a part of a dedicated team committed to real food and getting it into the hands of the people who need it most. Colin Schmidt, CEO of, adds, “Community is one of our corporate core values as we have continually demonstrated in the Fraser Valley tech community. Now with, we are excited to expand this by supporting local charities with access to fresh and healthy food.”


For more information on the Food Access Initiative, please contact us directly – [email protected].