12 August 2020

13 Satisfying Ways to Incorporate Leafy Green Vegetables Into Your Diet

You might avoid them or head straight toward them in the grocery store, but everyone knows leafy green vegetables are extremely good for you. They should be incorporated into your regular diet as they can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental decline. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and high in fibre, you won’t find high calories in these vegetables – so enjoy them to the fullest, your body and mind will thank you!



Woman eating greens



This post reviews a few ways to incorporate healthy, leafy green veggies into your diet. Feel fit, strong, and fabulous with these wonderful ideas you can quickly prepare and enjoy for your next meal!


#1 We don’t need you to sneak around! But hide leafy green vegetables or make it the main star in a smoothie - get your daily serving of greens offered in a delicious snack or meal replacement drink. Try berries with beet greens or banana with spinach; any combination would taste great!


#2 Make a different kind of pesto and swap your basil with some spinach. You can also try using arugula for a more peppery kick. Then, mix with some whole grain pasta and sautéed shrimp, and you have a delectable meal perfect for any date night or a single night in!


#3 If you haven’t already heard, buddha bowls are the biggest thing. Just put everything into a bowl, and by everything we mean…everything! Try cauliflower rice, with fire-roasted tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, sautéed greens like dandelion, kale, and parsley. Then add some julienned carrots, beets and any other favourite veg!


#4 For breakfast this time, let’s try something savoury! Pair eggs with any leafy green vegetable and start your day feeling fueled with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Replace the ham in an egg benedict with steamed spinach or toss the same spinach in an omelet with sharp cheddar, pine nuts, and locally produced microgreens. The possibilities are endless!



green omelette



#5 That’s a wrap! Just kidding, we’ve only just begun. Did you know you can replace your wrap with delicious, crisp lettuce instead? Try romaine, green leaf, red leaf, green butter or red butter options. For those wanting to curb their carbs, or anyone craving their greens for that matter, this method will keep your calories in check, just don’t forget to skip the bakery section next time you’re out shopping!


#6 Pizzas are made for piling on the toppings. Once it’s been cooked, add on some raw arugula that has been tossed in a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette or lay a bed of sautéed kale as your base, whether the cheese is underneath or atop, you will thoroughly enjoy your pizza creation!


#7 Add a delightful touch to your savoury pie. If you’ve got chicken pot pie on the mind, throw in a bit of bok choy to make it pop. Your kids will be too busy eating even to recognize that there are green goods hidden inside.


#8 We are right into the summer season, but nothing is stopping you from enjoying a little bit of warmth. To kick up your immunity, add some extra garlic cloves, kale or chard in a hearty lentil and sausage soup or zip-up some spinach in a split pea and ham concoction to make it even more delicious!


#9 A distant cousin of pizza, tarts are a marvellous way to add greens. Your whole family will love it! Start with your favourite crust, add collard greens, Havarti cheese and roasted red, yellow, and orange peppers. You can also try sprinkling on some nuts like walnuts or pecans. Each slice will look like a beautiful rainbow, and your tummy will thank you for feeding it well.



veggie tart



#10 Tacos are for every day of the week, not just Tuesday. Hearty and even bitter greens work great for tacos as they balance out the cheese and meat profiles. Try grilling your favourite protein, add roasted potatoes tossed in smoked paprika, then top with shredded green cabbage, radish and finally feta cheese. These tacos would be great for a dinner party or even for a simple weekday meal.


#11 Make your traditional potato salad new again. Blend your dressing with some peas and watercress, then serve the salad alongside some crispy chicken thighs. Don’t forget the corn. This meal is perfect for your summertime BBQ or bring it to your next potluck, forget the chips at home!


#12 Don’t be worried about adding leafy green vegetable stems into your stir-fry. Toss everything into a wok – swiss chard, bok choy, noodles, tofu, green pepper, carrots, sauce and peanuts. You will thoroughly enjoy this hearty, one-dish meal.


#13 One of the simplest ways to incorporate leafy green vegetables into your diet and up the snack food ante is turning kale into kale chips, a healthy and delicious snack. Toss with a little bit of olive oil and salt, or be bolder and toss with chipotle powder, you now have a power snack you can take with you to the gym, work or enjoy while watching Netflix.



kale chips



We hope that this list provides helpful guidance and inspiration to incorporate more healthy, leafy green vegetables into your diet. Your taste buds and waist will thank you, enjoy!